Wow! Making your home unforgettable in the winter months

Saturday Feb 13th, 2021


In the past few months, real estate sales have rebounded to record-high levels in many of Canada’s real estate markets, in spite of the winter season. But selling your home at this time of year requires a different approach to ensure that your home is showcased at its best potential. Here are some tips to ensure you’re set up to wow potential buyers during the snowy season.

DO – Highlight Your Home’s Coziest Features

Selling your home in winter offers the perfect opportunity to maximize each room’s coziness. This means lighting softly-scented seasonal candles, adding layers of rich fabrics and warm textiles, and throwing some logs on the fire.

DO – Emphasize Your Home’s Durability

Potential buyers are likely paying close attention to how it’s built, such as the materials used and the types of appliances installed. If you have installed energy efficient products or to winter-proof your home to keep heating bills low, make sure to point out these features.

DO – Provide Photos of Your Home From Sunnier Months

To help prospective buyers picture the home during greener times, include a slideshow of the landscaping and exterior during the spring and summer to help them envision the space.


DO – Add Extra Layers of Light

In the dark months of winter it’s important to ensure that you maximize natural light inside your home. Pull back the curtains and set up extra lamps in dark corners of the house.

DON’T – Count Out January/ February Buyers

It’s important not to dismiss January or February as “lost months” in the home-selling world. Anyone braving the cold in the winter is likely very committed to the cause. In fact, many buyers are interested in closing on a home and making the big move during spring, meaning they start their search—and their bidding—in the earlier months of the year.

DON’T – Rule out Curb Appeal

Even though the snow can do a good job of hiding the least-liked elements of your home’s exterior, it can also make it far too easy to neglect the outdoor spaces. Ensure all walkways are clear, the driveway is shovelled, and property lines are clearly distinguished.

If your New Year’s resolution is to bring in serious buyers so you can embark on a home buying journey of your own, keep these wintertime dos and don’ts top of mind to ensure you’re making the right moves to close the sale.

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